Hinz Travel - Group Travel
What is Group Travel?

Group travel is where 10+ travelers, typically sharing a common interest or purpose, embark on a journey together. 

The advantages of group travel lie in the shared experiences, cost savings, and convenience it offers. Traveling as a group allows individuals to foster stronger bonds, create lasting memories, and engage in collective activities that may not be feasible or as enjoyable when traveling alone. Additionally, group travel often enables participants to benefit from discounted rates on accommodations, transportation, and attractions due to the economies of scale achieved through group bookings.

Types of Travel Groups

  • Social/Hobby Groups (Scuba, Pickleball, Golf, etc)

  • Destination Wedding & Honeymoon

  • Proposal/Engagement Getaway

  • Milestone Celebrations (Birthday, Anniversary)

  • Girl Getaways or Guy Trips

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

  • Family Reunions

  • Class Reunions

  • Wellness Retreats

  • Business Meetings or Conferences
  • Nonprofits - 501(c)3 and more

Virgin Voyages
Circles (aka Groups)

Bachelor or Bachelorette party? Yoga group getaway? Work team building? Take your travels to the sea with your posse as Circles.

A Circle is a group with a minimum of 10 cabins on the same sailing. 

Circles benefit from so much, including the opportunity to pre-arrange special experiences before the voyage, like organized group dining, shore excursions, cocktail parties, and out-of-the-box experiences.


Celebrate with sangria through sunset, bond with beers during a bon voyage, or toast to a perfect tan and smooth seas on a sailing day. A cocktail party is a perfect event for Circles to come together, and we’ve got both private and semi-private venue options as well as flexible pricing to craft the perfect soiree with sips. 

*Additional fees


Celebrity Cruises

Weddings, reunions, birthdays, or getting together with friends and family. For any group celebration or occasion, we are by your side each step of the way. Trying to coordinate all the details and desires of group travel can be a daunting task indeed. Our large group cruises and event cruises make it simple to seamlessly plan and customize your special events to ensure they are memorable occasions you can look back on fondly for years to come.


  1. Planning is easy. We handle the details.
  2. Fine dining, live music and shows, kids programs, fitness center, nightlife—it's all covered.
  3. Customize it. We can arrange private shore excursions, cocktail hours, or other events just for your group.
  4. Enjoy perks, like group discounts and points that can earn your group onboard amenities.
  5. No payment headaches. Each person can pay individually, or as a group.

Group Dining

We can make sure all members of your group sit together in our Main Restaurant or any of the specialty dining restaurants. You can even buy out a specific venue just for your group.

Group Shore Excursions

We can create group shore excursions including everything from standard tours to over-the-top experiences like Private Journeys. We can even create a custom shore excursion package for your group.

Royal Caribbean
Group Cruise Vacation

The more, the merrier – especially on a Royal Caribbean International® group cruise. Whether it's for weddings, reunions, birthday milestones or simply getting together with friends and family, there are many reasons why groups choose to sail with us again and again.