Hinz Travel - About

Philip is a Fort Worth, TX native whose passion for travel started at an early age. On family vacations, he would help his parents navigate using the large road atlases in the pre-internet days. Now, the research of a new destination is almost as exciting as the vacation itself! 

Philip has traveled as far as the UK, France, and India. Closer to home, he has cruised to 21 various ports throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. He loves that cruising and also all-inclusive resorts provide the best of both worlds: days filled with activities or days filled with relaxation and a tropical drink! In sharing his love of travel, he is always encouraging family and friends to join him and Jude, his husband, on the next vacation! 

While Philip has traveled extensively, he is convinced that traveling isn’t just about exploring new destinations, but also the experience of immersing yourself in other cultures and making memories for the rest of your life.


Jude is an Arizona native whose love for travel blossomed from a desire for laid-back exploration and a penchant for seeing how adventures unfold organically. Growing up amidst the rugged beauty of the desert, Jude developed a preference for vacations filled with plenty of rest and relaxation. Despite his affinity for spontaneity, Jude has embarked on over 21 cruise ports across the Caribbean and Mexico, cherishing each destination's unique charm. 

However, one of his most profound life experiences occurred during a mission trip to Kenya, where he discovered the transformative power of cultural immersion and service. 

With Jude, every journey is an opportunity to embrace the unknown, savoring the moments that unfold and creating memories that resonate deeply.